Code Of Conduct

Individuals certified within the IRACS Personnel Certification Scheme must recognise that integrity and professional competence are the fundamental principles on which their rope access activities are founded. Accordingly, it is a condition of certification that certificate holders undertake to:

  • Comply with this code of ethics
  • Undertake only those rope access assignments for which you are competent by virtue of training, qualification and experience
  • Only sign documents for work of which you have personal professional knowledge and/or direct supervisory control
  • Conduct yourself in a responsible manner and utilize fair and equitable business practices in dealing with colleagues, clients and associates
  • At all times, be aware of and uphold the provisions/ requirements of codes, regulations and standards under which you are working
  • Without delay, report to your supervisor/employer any perceived violation(s) of applicable codes, regulations or standards. In the event that your supervisor/employer provides no satisfactory explanation or takes no corrective action, the certified individual shall report the situation direct to the IRACS.
  • Perform your professional duties with proper regard for the physical environment and the safety, health and well-being of the general public
  • IRACS binds enforceable arrangements with you that require the certified person to inform the IRACS, without delay, of matters that can affect the capability, including medical conditions at any time of the certified person to continue to fulfil certification requirements
  • Strive to maintain your proficiency by updating your technical knowledge as required to properly practice rope access techniques in the certified Levels
  • Not falsify nor permit misrepresentation of your own or your associate‚Äôs academic or professional qualifications, training, experience or work responsibilities
  • Refrain from making unjustified statements or from performing unethical acts which would discredit the certification scheme
  • Immediately report to the IRACS any perceived violation(s) of this code of ethics
  • Immediately report to the IRACS any attempt to pressure or force an individual certified under the certification scheme to violate this code of ethics
  • Inform your employer in the event that their certificate of competence is suspended, cancelled or withdrawn.
  • IRACS ensure that information obtained during the certification process, or from sources other than the applicant, candidate or certified person, is not disclosed to an unauthorized party without the written consent of the individual (applicant, candidate or certified person).
  • IRACS ensures that the person concerned is notified as to what information is to be provided when the IRACS is required by law to release confidential information.

Failure to comply with the above code of ethics will be dealt with under arrangements for handling complaints and appeals, which could result in suspension or cancellation of certification.