• All candidates shall demonstrate their competence through theory and practical examinations at their level being examined which shall be examined by the IRACS assessor. Candidates shall succeed in both examinations to award IRACS certification.
  • IRACS Assessor shall provide question papers which set out by IRACS to all the candidates at the time of examination starts and IRACS assessor evaluates the answers.
  • Duration of theory exam for Level 1 and Level 2 is 40 minutes and for Level 3 it is one hour. Duration of practical examination is six hours for all the levels of candidates.
  • Candidates shall score minimum of 80% in theory exam. Scoring below 80% is fail. If candidates make three minor and one major mistake on practical examination is fail.


  • Candidate failed at their examination level can appear for re-examination. Failed candidate will not be allowed to appear for re-examination on the same day they failed.
  • If a candidate failed in either theory or practical examination, he/she shall require to appear for re-examination only in which he/she failed. If a candidate failed in both theory and practical examinations, he/she shall appear for re-examination in both.
  • Re-examination shall not exceed 30 days from the date of initial examination. If the re-examination exceeds 30 days, candidate shall have formal IRACS training before examination.
  • Candidates who appear for re-examination shall follow the same examination application.