how much is rope access training

Rope access training is a required course for anyone who wants to work in the industry. Rope access courses are often expensive and time consuming.

In this article, we will give you an overview of how much rope access training costs and what is included in the price.


Investment level cost may vary by individual vendor, course location and other factors. However, nearly all the courses listed below require that you sign up for a minimum of three days worth of training.


The cost of rope access training varies by company, by instructor and by the level of course you want to take. It is usually between $200-$2500. The average cost is around $1000.


IRACS Training



IRACS is a nonprofit organization that trains workers to provide unparalleled service in the areas of project management and temporary construction site safety. The Iracs Program meets the demand for qualified personnel at heights with this intense program that begins every course with training on scaffolding safety and solidifying fundamental rope access skills like rope travel, rope work, moving loads off and over obstacles using ladders or ropes, tying off to anchors when working safely at heights and more. Upon completion of Basic Rope Access Training program attendees are certified and Permit-To-Work during IRACS standards inspections.what is rope access level 1


In the process of accessing a building or construction site, therope is often utilized to form a bridge or elevated platform. There are many demands put on all aspects of a climbers safety including concentration, coordination, judgment, and safety awareness. On completion of training in this method one can become certified in as little as six months but typically ropes courses last for at least four days.


The IRACS There is Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Basic level is Level 1, while Level 3 is the highest level. For Level 3