Level 1 Training

The IRACS rope access level 1 training course is an entry-level industrial rope access certification that doesn’t require prior experience. The IRACS Level 1 rope access training course is the entry-level operator qualification level. It is designed for those with little to no prior experience in environments where access to high or difficult-to-reach places is required for work, and when ropes and related equipment is required.


The IRACS level 1 certification would be the bottom level in a three tier system. Trainees should be mentally and physically prepared for a demanding week as they learn the selection of access methods required to pass the individual exam on the last day.what is rope access certification


Trainers and operators must go through a carried auditing process before they are allowed to join IRACS. Following that, member organisations are required to follow high technical and training standards and report any difficulties. This ensures a high level of occupational safety.


Each of the three levels of the IRACS certification requires passing an assessment by an outside assessor and at least six days of training with a certified IRACS trainer.


The rope access industry’s initial level is the IRACS Level 1.


An IRACS Level 1 technician will be proficient of a variety of rope access techniques and have a working legal training. An IRACS Level 3 technician must be in charge of an IRACS Level 1 technician.


Rope access technicians who can carry out a specified range of tasks with the help of a Level 3 rope access safety supervisor are the target audience for this training course.


Rope access technician level 1 is:


skilled of a type of rope access techniques.

All of his or her own personal rope access equipment must be examined.

capable of supporting rigging and unconventional processes while being supervised by a level 3.

able to conduct a rescue including descent on their own and knowledgeable with hauling systems.


Both methodological and practical training techniques

Assessment: An IRACS-certified Assessor would conduct a 1-day assessment.


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