IRACS Rope Access

Industry Using Rope Access

Benefits To Industry


It is common practice among all the industry and employer that upon hiring the employees, all employees should undergo a company specific examination criteria if there is no recognized certification to any specific qualification. IRACS rope access personnel are certified as per the requirement of ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard. All the IRACS certified persons are competent for rope access activity.

 Ease in hiring skilled manpower – less investment in training

 Ensured quality of services

 Enhance confidence of employee on the stated competencies

 Improved quality in operations

 Saving in terms of time and money

 Hiring criteria based on “competence” rather than on “qualification”

What are the works can be done by Rope access

  • Construction

  • Maintenance

  • Building inspections

  • Industrial inspections

  • Provides access to hard to reach areas in oil and gas, wind, and solar. Rope access provides a less intrusive procedure for dressing pipes.

  • Can be used for recovery of unanticipated discharge pipe disassembly or slack burning.

  • Beneficial for decommissioning or painting between layers during major renovation work. what is rope access jobs 


Why Rope access

The right tool for the right job; to make it easier for workers who need to navigate heights for various projects.Rope access technicians use ropes to carry out a variety of maintenance jobs like cleaning windows and facades, painting, welding, pressure washing, repairing, and inspecting. These jobs are usually carried at a high place and are sometimes challenging to access in any other way.
There are strict criteria for skilled individuals if you want to become a rope access technician.The requirement for rope access certification.Individuals want to test and follow the procedure. Finally, an IRACS will provide certification based on the results.