About Rope Access

Industrial rope access system

What Is Rope Access And Certification

Industrial rope access system is a safe system of work using two ropes which is globally accepted and used for wide range of work among the major industries. To carry out rope access related activities, only a certified competent person is authorized to work on ropes. If any incompetent person involves with rope access job, incidents or accident may occur. There are criteria to be certified as competent person and those competencies are recognized through certification. IRACS defines criteria for rope access qualification through training, examination and certification as per ISO/IEC 17024:2012.

Where Rope Access Is Involved

Rope access is a safe system of work which provides solution to access the inaccessible area and complete the tasks without compromising safety. Most of the major industries have been utilizing rope access methodology for their work at height activities and unsolvable areas. Here are the major industries and areas where rope access is involved but not limited to.

Job Opportunities In Rope Access Profession

Most of the industries require and employing companies which provides services using rope access methodology are looking for rope access certified persons. Since the IRACS certification is well recognized system for rope access qualification by the employers it is easy to get employment immediately across the globe. IRACS rope access certified professional has enormous opportunity in various industries and some of them are listed below: