Who are Eligible for IRACS Rope Access Certification

  • All individuals who completed schooling, ITI, diploma, degree and engineering are eligible and can become an IRACS certified Rope Access Professionals.
  • Minimum age is 18 years and physical fitness.


Benefits of IRACS Certification  

An individual certified by IRACS will be recognized internationally by all the employers. There are few highlight from the many and those are as follows.

  • IRACS certification provides a recognized benchmark of competence that can be aligned to international standards
  • IRACS certified persons are typically more productive and work to consistent standard
  • IRACS certification can reduce downtime for employers because certified members have the competence
  • Gaining certifications can be aligned to performance-related pay
  • Enhanced employer satisfaction
  • IRACS certified persons are more employable, this is due to the fact that certified individuals are more productive than the non-certified personnel